What we’re watching during lockdown: Part 2

Back at the start of lockdown and with several weeks at home on the horizon, we asked our European hoteliers to share some of their favourite bingeworthy watches on Netflix. (See what they recommended here.) Now that lockdown regulations are beginning to ease here and across the continent, we asked them to share what got them through it.

Already finished Schitt’s Creek and looking for something a little different? Whack on the subtitles and dive into these European dramas.

#1 Into The Night

This French language thriller from Belgium will have you gripped, especially as its post-apocalyptic themes tap somewhat into the current zeitgeist. It turns out something has happened to the sun, leading it to kill everything in its path. The only solution? Keep heading west. A pilot-less plane full of passengers and just one co-pilot must keep their plane in the sky, with all the challenges that entails. Not least, running out of fuel… It’s a tad cheesy but still scores a respectable 83% on Rotten Tomatoes and can easily be polished off in just a couple of sittings. Watch it on Netflix.

IMDb 7.2/10

#2 Call My Agent

You’ll appreciate this French comedy-drama set in a prestigious Paris casting agency much more if you’re actually French.  This is because each episode guest stars iconic French actors such as Line Renaud and Cécile de France that most British viewers won’t be familiar with. For this reason, the show won’t resonate in quite the same way with audiences here that it was intended to, however it’s a fun show to watch and scores a pretty good 96% on Google Reviews. It also gives us a much-needed Paris-fix! Watch it on Netflix.

IMDb 8.3/10

#3 Babylon Berlin

This big budget German neo-noir series follows Police Commissioner Rath as he is transferred from Cologne to Berlin, to investigate a dangerous extortion ring. Set in the decadent and politically combustible pre-WWII Weimar Germany, this complex and lavish drama will appeal if you enjoyed Peaky Blinders or Gangs of London. It gets a firm 94% thumbs up on Google. Watch it on Sky.

IMDb 8.4/10

Headline photo courtesy of Mohamed Hassan, Pixabay