The Dutch Event Industry is Back on 1st July

Partly in response to a series of successful pilot events, including a dance music festival for 1,300 people at Amsterdam’s Ziggodrome, the Dutch government has announced that the events industry in The Netherlands can resume normal business from 1st July.

The commitment to this timetable is also in part due to the expectation that everybody in The Netherlands aged over 18 years will have received at least their first vaccination by 1st July.

The ruling applies to concerts, festivals, sporting events and congresses and the government has also committed to compensating event organisers in case events are subsequently cancelled due to new COVID measures. The government will compensate up to 80 per cent of costs incurred and has ringfenced €385 million for this initiative.

In the Netherlands, insurers have largely removed cover for cancellation due to COVID from their policies, and so this will go a long way to reinstalling confidence in Dutch event organisers.

Currently, it’s only possible to organise meetings of up to 30 people and normal rules of social distancing apply (1.5 metres). There are some exceptions; currently the Amstel ballroom at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Amsterdam is the venue for students’ spring exams.

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