Lindner Hotels launch 7-day cancellation policy for meetings

Thanks to Lindner Hotels, you can now organise meetings in Germany with complete peace of mind in case you need to cancel at the last minute.

Planners who organise a new meeting for up to 80 people in any of Lindner’s 30-plus hotels in Germany, Central Europe and Majorca before the end of 2020 will benefit from a new 7-day cancellation policy.

The policy is applicable to the total contracted value of an event, including meeting packages and accommodation, and can be invoked in the event of future travel restrictions or even simply if the organiser’s plans change.

Lindner Hotels have 21 properties with meeting facilities including in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Antwerp and on Majorca. They also have small meeting facilities in their separate lifestyle hotels me and all in cities such as Hannover, Mainz and Düsseldorf. If you would like to know more, or to discuss the possibility of organising an event, please send an email to