Here’s what happened AFTER last week’s pilot event for 500 people – #Back2Live

Last week, 500 people gathered at the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht for the first of a series of pilot events organised by Fieldlab Evenementen and supported by the Dutch government.

Our colleague Paul Keuls from Apollo & Leonardo Hotels took part, and he was one of a total of 600 people, including the delegates, venue staff, event managers and media, who took a follow-up PCR test on Saturday (20th February). This was in addition to a PCR test taken before the event, on Saturday 13th February.

We caught up with Paul to see what the outcomes have been.

“The good news is that the tests have shown that no infections took place as a result of the event. One employee is known to have been infected after taking the mandatory PCR test on Saturday and before the event on Monday 15 February, however all of the people who were in proximity to him have been notified by the national track and trace app, and none of them have tested positive.”

“A small number of people, six, tested positive before the event and they were obviously not allowed to attend.”

Following the success of last week’s pilot, there will be four further events taking place in early March; this will include a football match, a stand-up comedy event and also a dance music event.

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